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Saturday, 31 August 2019
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(spoiler free x)

hello world,
This book was a roller-coaster and a half, but I absolutely loved it.
Sometimes, I'll pick up a book or be gifted it or so on and I'll read the blurb and just think 'oh no, this is either going to be a train wreck or one of the best things I've ever read'. And luckily for Daisy Johnson (not that she knows who I am), this was one of best things I have ever read.

I've read this book three times now and I think I can officially say it's my favourite book EVER. Okay, okay - I've definitely said that about at least 6 other books, but now I truly mean it. So to honour my newly found 'favourite book' I wanted to do a little review - slightly different from my usual ones. Since I've read this book 3 times now, I've basically written three mini reviews for each time I read it (I had different thoughts each time). This may be a terrible idea, it may be a great one, we'll see...enjoy x

Before I delve into the actual story, I NEED to talk about the cover - oh my gosh, didn't I nearly just cry when I saw it. It's literally so gorgeous and so colourful and initially I think I only read the book because the cover is just so gosh darn beautiful - I mean, before reading the book, I had no clue what the cover actually was, but I soon realised it's a very abstract, drawing-thingy of the river at the heart of the story.
BEFORE READING : Clearly the cover is gorgeous and I'm totally in love, but the blurb is so vague yet very intriguing. I can't quite tell yet whether this is going to be an absolute flop or just flippin' brilliant.
THE STORY : It's extremely hard to summarise Everything Under. The book not only uses multiple perspectives, but jumps back and forth in time and uses 1st person, 3rd person AND 2nd person, so it's fair to say it's pretty confusing (but in a good way, I promise). Anyhow, we mainly follow Gretel - who has not seen her mother for sixteen years. She's hoping to find her, and ends up meeting a few important people who influenced Sarah (her mother)'s life. Throw in a river with a pretty unsettling, unconventional 'monster', a whole lot of secrets, a boat that doesn't work and a kid called Marcus who literally the entire story relies on, and you've got Everything Under. 
That probably sounds vague, or just downright weird, but to say anything more is strictly out of bounds.
AFTER READING : Okay so it's weird. Very weird.
Johnson has managed to create such a unique tale, using multiple voices which all seem to have this indescribable raw feeling to their narratives. Especially with Gretel, she often has passages where she directly addresses her mother using 'you', which creates this almost accusatory tone where Gretel explains everything she's been through as if you were the mother. It's strange yet a surprisingly effective way of making you realise everything she goes through as a character.
This book is also very loosely based on a Greek tragedy, however much of the story has nothing to do with it. It's like Johnson has taken the mere scaffolding of the story and layered over her own unique vision and just made it something completely new and definitely much more modern. I absolutely loved this - I LOVE A RETELLING and I love a retelling even more when it's made unique by different characters and stories kind of intertwined over the top. I just think it's so well-done and so well-written and just so damn clever.

It's rare for me to pick up a book again so soon after reading it the first time, just because there are so many good books out there that I haven't got my hands on yet, but this was just too special to banish straight to the bookshelf. And anyway, I feel like this book sort of needs the second read to really, truly appreciate it. Everything Under is just so built up on metaphors and symbolism and everything having some kind of meaning behind it, so I didn't want to miss anything. Also, with it being such a complex story, with the first read it was a lot of just trying to work out what was going on and understanding what was happening with the plot, so I didn't really have the chance to really enjoy the novel. So here goes...
FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE WRITING : I'm usually one to appreciate the effort that has gone into the writing of a novel, but it's not often that I sincerely admire what a writer has done. Through the complex use of perspective and time Johnson has done something that I haven't ever seen before. It's so complicated but I don't think at any point I ever became annoyed by how confusing it is - which happens a lot by the way. The writing is just simply so beautiful and incredible and defies all genres and stereotypes, that I didn't care about the wonderfully messy plot line.
FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE STORY : Everything Under is an exploration of a mother-daughter relationship, a highly problematic childhood, blind love and unbreakable bonds and the reversed roles of that mother-daughter dynamic. It explores this impeccably, capturing how impossible Gretel's life becomes and all the hardship she experiences and the writing symbolises her confusion throughout the whole novel. Without ruining it, the book explores some very modern issues which I think it handled extremely well, and I would suggest that this is a book that will age very well.
THE METAPHORS : This book is so good at having hidden meanings which I'm not sure was actually thoroughly intended by the writer, or just me looking for metaphors where there aren't many. However, there are so many metaphors which stood out to me the second time around reading this book, which made me in enjoy it 100 x more.

I think after reading this book after the third time, I can officially say it's become an all-time favourite. I think it's a very good sign that I managed to get through this book for a third time as well and I didn't even get bored and still loved it by the end of it. 
BECOMING A FAVOURITE : Over the years I've called many books my 'favourite', but I think since it's one of the only books I've dared to pick up 3 times I can officially say this is actually my favourite book. It's so incredibly well-written and one of the most unique things I've ever read and just so bloomin' amazing, I actually love it. It's just so wonderful how piece by piece the story begins to unravel and it's just the best feeling when you begin to realise what's happened (although it is quite a sad ending (no spoilers)).  


There you go, that's my review of newly-found, all-time-fave Everything Under.
Have you read the book?

Update : I've now started reading this book for the 4th time woops


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Monday, 19 August 2019
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hello world,
This year I had the pleasure of visiting one of Spain's most loved islands : Majorca. With the glaring nearly-40-degree-heat  (Celsius) most of the time me and my family were quite happy just chilling by the pool, but between those days, we actually got a lot done. We visited a lot of Majorca's most popular destinations, and a ton of the quieter, more 'hidden' treasures of the island, which were all equally beautiful. Majorca really is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience everything from gorgeous beaches to incredible history and culture.
[Me and my mum did try and find the love island villa without much luck :) ]

Perhaps Majorca's most popular destination, Alcúdia is full of life. By day, it has a beautiful beach with super shallow water full of little fish, a stunning port with some of the biggest, fanciest, celeb-worthy yachts you've ever seen and some incredible restaurants with delicious Spanish cuisine. By night, Alcúdia is full of performers with flame-throwers and light shows and all of that over-the-top tourist-y stuff. In my opinion, Alcúdia isn't somewhere I would recommend spending your entire trip, just because it's that place that is so geared up for tourists ( but great for young kids), but spending about a day in Alcúdia is perfect.

Things to see : The beach, Port de Alcúdia

I felt posh in this place. 
Valldemossa is gorgeous. Literally so gorgeous. It's full of little cobbled streets and old houses and museums and just such a nice place to be. Don't miss out on this one: it's one of Majorca's more 'hidden' (ish) gems, but still so full of character. This little town is home to Chopin's holiday home, where his piano still lives, and some incredible palace's and monuments with incredible history. Valldemossa is a must-visit for any trip to Majorca.

Things to see : The view of the countryside, Royal Carthusian Monastery, Parish Church of Saint Bartholomew (that's a mouthful)

In the centre of this town is the Sant Bartomeu, an incredibly stunning church, surrounded by little cafes and trees and fountains with a sort-of modern gothic feel. This little picturesque town is the perfect place to have a relaxing lunch, grab an ice-cream or jump on the tram that takes you all through the town and the port. Just on the outside of the town are the beautiful botanical gardens with gorgeous plants and fountains. This is where Maura and Curtis had their final, fancy-ass date on Love Island and me and my mum got very excited :)

Things to see : the church, old-town streets, ice-cream, botanical gardens

Pick a day that's slightly cooler to visit Pollença, because one of the biggest attractions there are the 365 Calvari Steps and the charming little church at the top. In the scorching heat those stairs can be a little difficult, but you won't want to miss the stunning view at the top! Pollença is also home to another stunning port, one of the fanciest ones you'll find with absolutely massive boats and yachts that I could only dream of owning. 

Things to see : 365 Calvari Steps and Church, Port de Pollença

Me and the family stayed in a villa just outside of the main town of Selva and the view of it was incredible. At night the town hall literally shines gold in the centre of the town and looks absolutely stunning on the side of the mountain. There aren't many tourist attractions in Selva, however it's a great place to go for an evening walk so see the glowing hall.

Things to see : the town hall


THE CAVES : Oh my gosh the caves were probably the highlight of my trip. I live next to some caves myself and the Majorcan caves put them to shame! With one of the worlds largest underground lakes this attraction is something you absolutely must see! And, there's a 10 minute classical concert at the end! How fancy?

THE MOUNTAINS : Majorca is famous for their massive mountains and gorgeous hills - of course you don't have to hike up those absolutely massive ones that you have to get breathing training for, but just going for a drive through the hills was definitely a highlight for me.


There ya go, some of the best sights to see in Majorca.
Always remember : wear sun cream kids!

Have you been to Majorca before?
What's on your travel bucket list?

Lots of love,


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Friday, 9 August 2019
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hello world,
Finding your style is weird- especially as a teenage girl. When you're little/young your style is chosen for you- generally my parents bought clothes for me without me ever really looking at them, and on the off chance that I chose some item of clothing, it was going to be some kind of purple tutu or weird t-shirt or something that would look completely ridiculous
When I started buying my own clothes, it was no different.
My friends will assure you, the amount of times I turned up to birthday parties wearing the stupidest, most ridiculous outfits (and makeup) in the world, was amazing. I distinctly remember one time when it was a friend's birthday and I had decided to wear a blue playsuit with these blue jewels on it and purple ballet pumps, and I had also decided to put in that wash-out red hair dye stuff and cover my face in purple eye shadow. Yeah. That was a mistake. At least I've learned from that now. Unluckily for me, there are still photos of that particular incident.

Throughout my teenage years it's been hard to find my own style. It feels like most kids my age have an obsession with Adidas joggers and, more recently, cycling shorts which, I'm sorry, but I've never understood. So when you have someone like me, who loves bright pink trousers and dresses and skirts and generally quite girly clothes, it can be hard to fit in, whilst feeling like myself. So today I've decided to share the things I've learned over the past few years, whilst I've been trying to find my own personal style...
Pre-warning: this post is going to be primarily cringy pep talks about being yourself and finding confidence, just to warn you.

I mean, this is obviously easier said than done for a large amount of people, but for me this was the first and biggest step to finding my own personal style. I knew from when I first started experimenting with clothes that I was never going to be able to wear the clothes I wanted without first feeling comfortable doing so. For me, that meant shoving myself right out of my comfort zone - going out wearing green leather skirts, pink jackets and generally slightly wackier clothes, and not shying away and just chucking on a pair of jeans. It felt weird at first to not wear my typical jeans and a t-shirt, but I think in the long run, I'm so much more confident for it.

This might sound a bit strange.
Whilst on the road to finding my personal style, I had a couple crisis' where I found myself wondering what my 'aesthetic' was and who I was and all that. But, I quickly realised that not everyone has one perfect 'aesthetic'. I feel like everyone expects to be able to just pick an'aesthetic' and role with it, but it's not really that. You have to be true to yourself and work out what you like, rather than some pre-defined 'aesthetic'.
In short : Everyone is unique!

This for me, is kind of a big thing. Being spontaneous means giving yourself time not to overthink things- which is something I have struggled with. This ties in with confidence because it means not questioning what people might think about the way you look and just doing it, because it's going to make you feel good. Wear the things you always thought were too crazy!

For me, I was out shopping and saw a sign for ear piercings and just went and did it without really thinking about it, and next week I'm dying my hair pink. Obviously, you don't have to do stuff that is permanent and maybe a bit overly extravagant, but they were both things I've wanted to do for a while and have never done. For me, things like this were a key part to finding my personal style.
(I told you this was going to be cringy)

SEEK INSPIRATION (don't be a sheep)
The goal here is to find who you are, so copying what other people wear is kind of the opposite of what you want to do, but seeking inspiration is always a good idea. Who are your style icons, do you have friends or peers who's style you admire etc -- these are the types of people you can look at and seek inspiration and find out what kind of style fits you and you can go from there. From this, it's easy to tell whether you might gravitate towards more minimal fashion, or maybe more bold, statement items -- the choice is yours!

Accessories are my favourite thing, they can seriously pull any look together. Something as simple as blue jeans and a white t-shirt can be made exciting with some statement jewellery which I just love! Accessories are a great way to show who you are as well! In the winter seasons, something as simple as a scarf or some edgy ankle boots can really make an outfit. Similarly, in the summer, some colourful jewellery, a floppy hat or even some strappy sandals will add personality to any look!

If you are anything like me, your wardrobe is a bit of a mess. I can't tell you how many times I've been going through my wardrobe and found some old jumper that I haven't worn for about 6 years, and probably will never wear again. When searching for your personal style I think it's important to have a bit of a clean slate - don't throw everything out, just makes sure you're not holding onto anything you don't think truly reflects your personality. 

This one's sort of a mixture of all of them, but I just wanted to include the final note that finding your personal style should be fun and it's a really good time to try some crazier items and buy some things you might never have considered before -- just have fun with it!


There you go, my top tips for finding your personal style! I hope you enjoyed this post, lemme know in the comments how you would define your personal style x

Have a great weekend!!

Thea xxx

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Wednesday, 31 July 2019
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hello world,
Recently, I have realised that you could put me in any Waterstones around the world without a map, and within 30 seconds, I WILL have found the YA section. It's a skill I have.
However, with summer here, and the scary thought that next year I have to do A Level English Literature, I have decided it's time to branch out to different/new genres. It's about time. 
Of course, I've read a few classics here and there, a couple of slightly wordier books every now and then but I've never really shoved myself right out of my comfort zone. So that is why today, I've decided to share with you some books that I have bought recently and loved, which are maybe a bit different from what I would usually rave about.

by Daisy Johnson
Wow. Just wow. 
A large chunk of my all-time favourite novels have been re-imagined fairy tales or myths and legends with a twist, and this is no different, however it definitely feels more grown up. This eerie version of the Oedipus myth was so hard to put down. I found myself so stuck in the story, and the really incredible description and storytelling in this unique tale. It flips forwards and backwards in time, which is another one of those things which I just can't seem to get enough of, and it never becomes exhausting or confusing within the narrative. While this book is one of the best things I've ever read, it leaves you with so many questions, however it feels like a good thing with this book. Once you've finished, you can see so many things as metaphors for other things. I won't delve deep into that, but if you ever read this book, I would go into it looking for metaphors and I can guarantee you'll enjoy the book much more.

by Anthony Doerr
This book begins in late WW2, with our two main character Marie Laure (a blind french girl who fled there with her uncle, from Paris), and Werner (a radio expert in the German Army who gets stuck there when the attacks begin). Again, this novel jumps around a lot, between the two character's perspectives and forwards and backwards in time, without it ever becoming tired. For me, this book wasn't made great by tons of shooting and incredible action/war scenes, but the incredible scenes that show the characters lives. Something about the writing is just so elegant within something as destructive as war, and has such a bittersweet and haunting feel towards the end. If you're like me, and you enjoy having a bit of a twist on your usual war novels, this is for you.

by Bret Easton Ellis
On one hand, this novel is quite possibly the darkest, most disturbingly fascinating portrayal of the 1980s and how superficial and... disconnected it became? Yet on the other hand, you could read this as a hilarious, black comedy with such dark humour that it's hard to laugh at it. It really depends on who you are as a reader. I personally can see it both ways, and I think that's the beauty of the novel. It's so shocking and utterly disturbing that at some point you begin to convince yourself it's a comedy, just to be okay with it. I think this will easily become the best book I will read this year.  I say 'best' because it's hard to describe such a twisted book as a 'favourite'. It's admirable writing, and incredible storytelling and such an incredible read that I would recommend buying a million times over, but not something I could call my 'favourite'.
{if you would like to read a full review of this book, one is currently being written...)

by Adam Kay
This book felt so strange to read. It's equal parts horrifying, heartbreaking and hilarious. Some of the stories had me crying with laughter at the comedic side of being a doctor and just the silliness of certain situations, and other moments had me horrified at the immense pressure junior doctors face. Of course, this book is sad too, exploring deaths that could have been prevented if there was more hospital staff and the staff they had wasn't so overworked. Overall, this book is incredibly eye opening into the world of junior doctors and the kind of things they have to face everyday - it's definitely an important book to read.

by (you wouldn't have guessed) James Corden / Lily Allen

{THIS COUNTS OKAY -- maybe it's not something too far off of something I'd usually buy, but I don't really read autobiography's so IT COUNTS}

Anyway, James Corden's "May I Have Your Attention, Please?" is surprisingly enjoyable and really funny. This was a book I grabbed on a bit of a whim -- I wasn't expecting much from it. I mean, James Corden is great and all, but I didn't know he was going to be such a good writer. It sounds just like him, I could literally feel his personality within the book and I enjoyed every part of it. It was genuinely nice to read about how James Corden became who he is today, and his journey to star-dom.

Lily Allen's "My Thoughts Exactly" maybe has a bit more substance than James Corden's autobiography. I think I enjoyed both equally, but this book definitely shows more vulnerability and the realness of life, and the raw emotion in the things that she has experienced. While being emotional it also captures Lily's cleverness and quick wit, which I loved. 


There ya go. A couple of books that were a bit different from the books I usually reach for, including some incredible adult fictions that I'd never even heard of before.
If you enjoyed this post, I have a couple of full-length reviews coming soon, so stick around for those :)

In the meantime, here a few posts that you might enjoy : 

Thanks for reading ! 



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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hello world,
Disclaimer: this post contains primarily pictures that have nothing to do with the post because I didn't have time/ couldn't be bothered to do a photo shoot, me crying over exams, and a load of advise that no one asked for. enjoy

Well this is a little bit strange.
I'd love to say my past few months away have been a conscious hiatus, although, we all know it wasn't. With exams and exam revision and everything that comes with just under 30 exams, it's been hard to find time for anything I love, let alone blogging consistently. It's all been a bit tragic. However, with exams all done now (I mean, they were done several weeks ago I've been busy), it's time to come out of my little stress-y cocoon and start to get back into the things I enjoy doing - blogging being a big one.

Coming out of exam season comes with a whole lot of regret and reminiscing and thinking about the things you could have done differently: 'should I have revised more for certain subjects?', 'should I have revised different things?' etc etc. And now that it's all over, there are certain things I've realised that I wish I'd know at the time, and I'd like to share with anyone about to go into GCSEs or any other exams, whether that be for the first time or not, what I've learned. 

You can be the most prepared person in the whole entire world, you can put in more time than anyone else, and still on the day it can come down to one dodgy question. Especially with subjects like English Literature, I spend so much time on it, hours and hours of revision just to get an annoying extract which I had to write and entire essay about and a poem that I hadn't really revised for - it wasn't great. 
In the end, you could literally dedicate your life to revising for a certain subject, and still on the day, have it not go as you expected it to. So just don't beat yourself  up! 

 Obviously, I'm not suggesting that you spend every night before an exam doing nothing but taking a bubble bath and doing a face mask, but it's also totally not worth doing nothing but revise for 12 hours straight and destroying yourself for it. During exam season there were people in my year who were literally revising until 3am every night and just not sleeping because of stress, which really isn't good for you. Once it's all over, you'll be sat on a beanbag like me right now, wondering why you got yourself so worked up over exams - it's just so not worth it! Like I've already said, I'm not suggesting you do nothing but relax, but just make sure you take some time to chill and wind down in the evenings, whether that be with meditation or just watching The Chase (I watched it religiously).

You might come out of the exams feeling like you've nailed every one of them, but I can guarantee there will always be one grade you're not 100% pleased with. Whether that is a grade that you were expecting to be a couple grades higher than it was or something you thought was going to go great but on the day it just wasn't that great, there will always be that one grade that will make your stomach drop. For me, I haven't got my results back yet, but Maths and Chemistry were both in shambles. But, I'm starting to become okay with that because I know that I was never going to be happy with every result anyway. It's just kinda how it goes, and somehow you need to be okay with that.

There were some exams that it literally felt like the world was going to collapse around me. Some that when I walked out of that exam hall, it literally felt like my lungs were going to collapse *cough* english *cough*. But, as you will get told hundreds of times during GCSEs, in 10 years no one is going to care what grades you got. And even though at the time it seems to feel like the exams drag on FOREVER and it seems like they are never. going. to. end. they will, and no matter how bad it gets, you will make it out the other side

This is most definitely the most important of the bunch. I cannot stress it enough. 
At some point, exams become some big game of who can put in the most hours, who can get the best grades, who can have the most notes... It's just not worth it.
Everyone copes with stress differently, everyone revises differently and everyone has a different approach to exams in general. You literally can't compare yourself to people when everyone is so different. Plus, it just makes matters worse and makes you feel so much more unprepared and stressed for exams when you look at what other people are achieving. GCSEs have been such a massive rollar coaster and you just need to realise in the end it's not about trying to do better than others, it's about working out what works for you and how you, and you only, need to be revising for each exam.

Whether this is because at the end of GCSEs you are suddenly greeted with a glorious TWELVE WEEKS of summer, or just the idea that you no longer have to do the subjects you hate when you start College or Sixth Form, whatever it is that you find yourself desperately clinging to during exam season, it will all be worth it in the end. Having a goal is just so important because it gives you the sense that you are actually working towards something. Especially in exam season, at some point it all begins to seem a bit pointless - if they aren't going to matter in a few years' time, then why am I putting all this effort in? Having a goal is what helps that feeling go away - it gives a purpose when things seem pointless (deep).

Well there you go. I'm done with exams and it's time for me to chill for the summer.
How have you been dealing with exams? Any plans for the summer?

See you soon,
Thea xxx

Monday, 28 January 2019

"You" Is the Most Stressful Show I Have Ever Watched

"You" Is the Most Stressful Show I Have Ever Watched
Monday, 28 January 2019
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hello world,

Over these past few months, I have done a music exam, sat my PPE's / Mock Exams, experienced my first results day and had countless other stressful experiences.... none of them compared to this show...
Okay that might be a little dramatic, however, this show is one of those shout at the characters, throw your shoe at the TV, punch a wall kind of shows. It's also one of the weirdest shows I've ever seen. 

Picture this :
The show opens with Joe. Joe is a psychopath. Accept we don't realise this at first... he is a bit creepy but we have to wait a while to find out the true extent of his creepiness... keep watching, kids! To be fair, any character who's first line is "Well, hello there," is destined to be a creepy character, so it's pretty clear where we stand with him from the beginning.

Image result for you netflix 

Anyway, we barely get a chance to judge Joe before Beck walks in. Now... I don't want to say that I dislike Beck, but... I seriously don't like her. She just walks in with her jangley (is that a word?) bangles and loose blouse and immediately Joe's creepy radar locks onto her. Now... I just want to say... I don't really see what Joe sees in her. I mean she's pretty and clearly quite smart and very creative and generally not that bad a person, so I personally don't have anything against her, but Joe's description isn't the most positive thing in the world. I mean, he sees her and his immediate reaction isn't "OH MY GOD I'VE NEVER SEEN SOMEONE SO BEAUTIFUL IN MY ENTIRE LIFE AHHHH", it's more like "Yeah you look like you like a lot of attention," which I mean, it isn't the most positive thing in the world... so yeah I'm not really sure why he actually likes her in the first place.

Basically the whole of the next scene is that meaningless flirting thing that people in movies and TV series always do. And for some reason they always make a big deal of learning each other's name. Whatever happened to a good 'ol handshake and just a "Hi, I'm Joe" "Hi, I'm Beck". I feel like the whole 'here's my credit card because I want you to read that my name is Guinevere so I can make a comment about how I hate my name and then you can tell me it's beautiful anyway and I can say 'call me Beck' because I'm cool like that' thing is a bit tired. Oh well....moving on.

Image result for you netflix

Before I end up going on about pointless pieces of dialogue for hours on end just for the sake of it, let's get into some of the more juicy stuff. Now, I want to keep this post as spoiler free as possible so I won't go too far into the nitty gritty details of the show, but I think it's safe to say it gets pretty weird. I mean, even in just the first episode we see some pretty creepy things. For example, the thing with the train station and the phone... if you've seen it you'll get what I mean, if not, go and watch it now - it's actually an alright series.
Throughout the rest of the series, there are murders, fake suicides, a bit of a strange kid that kinda scared me, an awful lot of scenes where someone is being watched and an utterly terrifying glass cage in a basement .... and everything in between. I mean, if you can think of something creepy, it's probably somewhere in this show.

To be fair, I actually quite enjoyed the series. Despite, well everything I've already talked about, it's actually quite enjoyable. Even though Joe was a questionable human being, I often found myself routing for him as a character. Okay, okay, before you hurt me, I know he isn't the best person in the world, far from it, but if he wasn't...y'know...entirely mad, him and Beck would have actually been a great couple. I mean, she's writer and he likes books and they seemed to have fun together and I think that if Joe had been slightly less psychopathic, they might have worked out. But that is a big might. 

Image result for you netflix

Just before I finish, I just want to mention Shay Mitchell's character, Peaches. Now, peaches really annoyed me at first, but somewhere down the line I think she became my favourite character. I feel like she feels like the most real. Throughout the series she struggles with her identity and having a crush on someone she feels like she shouldn't and I guess she seemed almost like the only relatable character, among a sea of the most bazaar characters in the world. Y'know, minus the fact that she owns that massive house and was just GIVEN A HOUSE IN PARIS. I'm not jealous at all...

Well there you go, that's my 'review' of "You". I didn't want to write too much of a structured post today because I felt like doing something a bit more chill and rambly, so let me know if you actually liked this review type thingy and leave a comment below x 

Have you watched 'You'?
What did you think of the ending ??

Thea xx