Monday, 28 January 2019

"You" Is the Most Stressful Show I Have Ever Watched

"You" Is the Most Stressful Show I Have Ever Watched
Monday, 28 January 2019
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hello world,

Over these past few months, I have done a music exam, sat my PPE's / Mock Exams, experienced my first results day and had countless other stressful experiences.... none of them compared to this show...
Okay that might be a little dramatic, however, this show is one of those shout at the characters, throw your shoe at the TV, punch a wall kind of shows. It's also one of the weirdest shows I've ever seen. 

Picture this :
The show opens with Joe. Joe is a psychopath. Accept we don't realise this at first... he is a bit creepy but we have to wait a while to find out the true extent of his creepiness... keep watching, kids! To be fair, any character who's first line is "Well, hello there," is destined to be a creepy character, so it's pretty clear where we stand with him from the beginning.

Image result for you netflix 

Anyway, we barely get a chance to judge Joe before Beck walks in. Now... I don't want to say that I dislike Beck, but... I seriously don't like her. She just walks in with her jangley (is that a word?) bangles and loose blouse and immediately Joe's creepy radar locks onto her. Now... I just want to say... I don't really see what Joe sees in her. I mean she's pretty and clearly quite smart and very creative and generally not that bad a person, so I personally don't have anything against her, but Joe's description isn't the most positive thing in the world. I mean, he sees her and his immediate reaction isn't "OH MY GOD I'VE NEVER SEEN SOMEONE SO BEAUTIFUL IN MY ENTIRE LIFE AHHHH", it's more like "Yeah you look like you like a lot of attention," which I mean, it isn't the most positive thing in the world... so yeah I'm not really sure why he actually likes her in the first place.

Basically the whole of the next scene is that meaningless flirting thing that people in movies and TV series always do. And for some reason they always make a big deal of learning each other's name. Whatever happened to a good 'ol handshake and just a "Hi, I'm Joe" "Hi, I'm Beck". I feel like the whole 'here's my credit card because I want you to read that my name is Guinevere so I can make a comment about how I hate my name and then you can tell me it's beautiful anyway and I can say 'call me Beck' because I'm cool like that' thing is a bit tired. Oh well....moving on.

Image result for you netflix

Before I end up going on about pointless pieces of dialogue for hours on end just for the sake of it, let's get into some of the more juicy stuff. Now, I want to keep this post as spoiler free as possible so I won't go too far into the nitty gritty details of the show, but I think it's safe to say it gets pretty weird. I mean, even in just the first episode we see some pretty creepy things. For example, the thing with the train station and the phone... if you've seen it you'll get what I mean, if not, go and watch it now - it's actually an alright series.
Throughout the rest of the series, there are murders, fake suicides, a bit of a strange kid that kinda scared me, an awful lot of scenes where someone is being watched and an utterly terrifying glass cage in a basement .... and everything in between. I mean, if you can think of something creepy, it's probably somewhere in this show.

To be fair, I actually quite enjoyed the series. Despite, well everything I've already talked about, it's actually quite enjoyable. Even though Joe was a questionable human being, I often found myself routing for him as a character. Okay, okay, before you hurt me, I know he isn't the best person in the world, far from it, but if he wasn't...y'know...entirely mad, him and Beck would have actually been a great couple. I mean, she's writer and he likes books and they seemed to have fun together and I think that if Joe had been slightly less psychopathic, they might have worked out. But that is a big might. 

Image result for you netflix

Just before I finish, I just want to mention Shay Mitchell's character, Peaches. Now, peaches really annoyed me at first, but somewhere down the line I think she became my favourite character. I feel like she feels like the most real. Throughout the series she struggles with her identity and having a crush on someone she feels like she shouldn't and I guess she seemed almost like the only relatable character, among a sea of the most bazaar characters in the world. Y'know, minus the fact that she owns that massive house and was just GIVEN A HOUSE IN PARIS. I'm not jealous at all...

Well there you go, that's my 'review' of "You". I didn't want to write too much of a structured post today because I felt like doing something a bit more chill and rambly, so let me know if you actually liked this review type thingy and leave a comment below x 

Have you watched 'You'?
What did you think of the ending ??

Thea xx
Sunday, 6 January 2019

new year, new blog :)

new year, new blog :)
Sunday, 6 January 2019
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hello world,
I've always loved blogging but I've also always found it hard. But I realised recently that I was never motivated to write anything for my blog. In truth I don't think I enjoy the content that I write anymore. Which is why I've decided to do a good 'ol switcheroo on this blog. I've decided that from now on I'm going to do blogs only about film and books. Basically I'm saying bye-bye to all the makeup, beauty and fashion stuff I used to talk about, since I was never motivated enough to write it. Here goes...

I've given my blog a massive clear out too because I needed a bit of a new style to go with the new theme. I hope you like it!

New year is the best time to make a change and this year I have very few New Year's resolutions. In fact I only have three major ones - one of which being to re-do this blog.

1. Learn a new instrument - I already play the piano and I really love playing it and so I decided I wanted to try another instrument. I've always wanted to play the guitar, however they can be really expensive and they're difficult to learn and generally buying a guitar didn't seem like the best idea. That's why I bought a ukulele. It's much easier to play, much cheaper and makes a good transition instrument for when I could possibly afford a guitar one day. I also bought a tenor ukulele which is much larger than the typical soprano ukulele. The tenor makes a slightly deeper sound than the soprano ukulele and makes a sound somewhere in between the ukulele and an acoustic guitar. 

2. Write a book - I did make this resolution last year and I pretty much got no where. I've always been writing ever since I was a tiny child and I've always meant to write a full on book but I never actually seemed to get anywhere. But towards the end of last year I finished my first outline ever (I've done others but never actually completely finished one) and now I can actually see myself getting somewhere. That is why I'm telling myself that by the end of the year I will have completed my first ever novel. THIS YEAR WILL BE MY YEAR

3. Sort out my blog - this has been a constant, everyday goal for me for a while and I think I might finally be on my way to achieving it... yay!

there ya go...nothing too wild this year - last year I promised to stop eating chocolate and I got nowhere with that one :)
Some of my other smaller goals include reading 100 books -- I read 50 in 2018 which you can see on my GOODREADS *cough* gofollowmygoodreads *cough* so 100 is plausible... right? , rereading the whole Harry Potter series (again) and getting through my GCSEs without crying but we don't need to talk about those :))

what are your 'new year's resolutions'? any bookish or writer things you want to achieve by the end of 2019? 

Monday, 5 November 2018

A Keeper | Book Review

A Keeper | Book Review
Monday, 5 November 2018
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hello world,

(no spoilers x)
People always say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. There were two reasons I decided to read this book, both to do with the cover (woopsie). One was the look as the whole, just the trees, the colour, all of it. The book screamed something that I could inhale within two hours. The other thing was the name of the author. Graham Norton is an absolute legend and I absolutely love him. However, I never actually realised that he wrote books. Of course, I've seen all of the biographies and non-fiction type things in book stores (which I can never be bothered to read woops), but I never actually noticed that he wrote fiction too. So when I saw this book sat in a Waterstones, it's fair to say I had a small heart attack. I don't think I'd actually read the blurb before I already had the book at the counter, but I knew it was going to be an incredible book without having to read it.

With books, I feel like I've just been reading the same book over and over again - I always read some kind of teen romance YA type thing. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with those type of books and I still read a good one a week, but I did want to try an adult fiction with a little more...sophistication? So that's another reason why I picked up 'A Keeper'.

When I actually bothered to read the blurb, I found out the book is written about single mother Elizabeth. Following the death of her mother, Elizabeth returns to the small village in Ireland her mother lived in her entire life. All she wants is to sell her mother's house, forget that part of her life ever existed, and return home to New York to continue her life with her son Zach. But then she comes across a stack of letters in her mother's wardrobe, written from her father, a man she never knew, and her parent's story begins to unravel.

Let's start with the characters. Of course, I couldn't really relate to any of them, which I think is the one downside to a teen reading a book about adults. However, Elizabeth contrasts a lot of the other characters who speak poshly and are generally very grown up - for example, they use the word "fierce" every two minutes which confused me a lot - maybe it's an Irish thing or maybe it is just a grown-up thing, I don't actually know. That's not to say that Elizabeth isn't grown up, it's just the inner thoughts where she congratulates herself for saying something her mother would have, when she would have never said that in her entire life that I find funny and maybe even slightly relatable.
I think my favourite character had to be Elizabeth's mum, Patricia. I just think she's wonderfully complicated. At times I really wanted to hate her for all the secrets she keeps from her daughter and at other times I felt so sorry for her and everything that she goes through before Elizabeth was born. I just wanted to give her a hug really.

 I think the way the book it written is just absolute perfection. Graham Norton really surprised me to be honest. The book is written across two different time frames, the present day, and forty years ago when Patricia met Edward (Elizabeth's father). In the present day. Norton created such a vivid image of the small town, 'Buncarragh', and in the past, his way of describing the awkward (and slightly twisted) relationship between Patricia and Edward is actually really beautiful.
I don't mean 'beautiful' in the way that it's beautifully written. Don't get me wrong, it's very well-written and easy to read, but it's not one of those incredibly beautiful, poetically described novels. It's more beautiful in the sense that you can really feel all of Patricia, Edward and Elizabeth's emotions. Elizabeth's loneliness and regret and anger and frustration really shines through the novel, but never becomes overplayed - Norton's way of telling this story is so....aaaaaarrrg

Not gonna lie, I didn't actually cry at the end of the book, however I was pretty close. To be honest, I never really cry at the end of books, it's always films that seem to get me. I feel like it might be the music in sad films that gets me, but still, something about films is different for me - they're just more emotional -- I don't know why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
So yeah, I didn't cry at the end of the book. It was a PROPER HEART BREAKER though. It literally broke me. The last line is one of those ones where I kind of just had to sit in my bed staring at the wall for a few minutes. It proper broke me. I won't tell you anymore so I don't spoil anything but... aaaaaaaaaaah it was soooooo good!

The only thing I could complain about is the title. I don't think I actually understand it. I read one review that said : "It's only while you are reading the book, you realise the significance of it's title. A story of missed chances, love and loss." - Louise Wilson, Goodreads. Even after reading that, I still don't think I fully understand the title. Usually the title is incorporated within the book, and even if it has a really deep meaning, such as this one, usually the meaning is made clear at some point in the book, and I just didn't get that. Maybe I missed something, let me know if I did, but I'm pretty sure that you are supposed to work out the meaning for yourself with this one, and I just couldn't work it out for myself.


So there you go. Such an incredible book by an incredible author.

Oooooh and one last the hard back. I haven't actually seen the paper back, but from owning the hard back...there's just something about it that's just sooo much nicer to hold and to look at. Plus, I think the hard back is currently cheaper on amazon... ;)


Lots of love,

Thea xo

Friday, 10 August 2018

Morning Routine

Morning Routine
Friday, 10 August 2018
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Hello world,


I'm not going to lie to you. I'm a PROPER NIGHT OWL. And it was most definitely necessary to put that in capitals, since going to bed at 2am and waking up at 4pm is my speciality. Still, getting ready in the morning is always quite a lot of fun. It's just so nice and relaxing and a bit of chill before I have to go to school (cryyy (unless it's the holidays and then I can sleep in YAY)). Here's my morning routine x  

There's nothing more relaxing than reading a book. I love getting caught up in a story for just an hour or so in the morning. It's a great way to start my day feeling all nice and positive and also a good way to wake my brain up. Especially on a school day, jumping out of bed and immediately having to think about quadratic formulas (ugh) and a load of history dates is pretty difficult. And just a little bit of reading, is a really great way to get ready for a day of work. During the summer, the thinking I do pretty much extents to working out which episode of Friends I finished at the day before and which one I should start with that day, but still that can be pretty difficult :)


On weekends and during the summer, I go for a bit more of a relaxed morning than the rushing and running around that generally happens on a school day. Sometimes I might light some candles or turn all my fairy lights on. Generally I prefer to use my candles in the evenings when I'm going for a bath or something like that, but my Madagascan Vanilla scented candle just smells soooooo lush it can be hard to resist :)
I also have a lil' playlist I like to stick on. I generally like to go for upbeat music in the mornings (slow piano ballads with send me right back off to sleep) that'll help me wake up and feel all nice and lively and energetic for the rest of the day (not the sluggish mess I generally am most mornings).

That's if I can be bothered :)
If it's a school day, then I'm probably up earlier than I would like to be, so even brushing my hair seems a struggle at that hour, so I mostly just ignore my makeup draw. However, it's currently summer and I'm loving the excuse to bronze up in the mornings and chuck on some bright lippy. If you would like to see exactly how I have been doing my makeup during this summer, then head over to the link right here and see what products I've been using each day :)
Makeup Look : Bright Lip

I have way to many perfumes and body sprays and general smelly things that I could probably wear a different scent every day for the rest of the summer. One of my absolute faves to spritz all over myself in the morning (probably too much) are my Jack Wills body sprays. They are so gorgeous and such a lovely fresh, light scent- perfect for summer.
Another 'staple scent' of mine is actually one of Zoella's. I feel like some people think they're a little childish and maybe a little tacky, but if you've ever smelled the 'Snow ella' Christmas scent from last year (yes a Christmas scent, don't murder me) it's actually one of the nicest things I've ever smelt. It's so fresh and minty and actually smells like a Mojito. And I love a good Mojito (no-alcoholic obviously :))) )

As you may know, I have really curly hair, and despite what you might say, it's actually so incredibly annoying. I can't sleep on it without ending up with hair sticking up in the air, I can't use a normal hair dryer (just makes it go frizzy) so if I do use a hair dryer, it has to be a diffuser, and generally it just refuses to behave :(
That makes getting ready in the mornings an absolute pain.
I literally have to use about 50 zillion products just to get it to stay in one place. If I am going to wash and dry my hair, I use this 'curl cream' thingy (I can't tell you exactly what it's called because the writing has rubbed off the bottle). It's like this conditioner that you put in your hair before drying it and it's ACTUAL MAGIC. Since I started using it, my curls have been bouncier, lighter and almost blonder ? A small spritz of heat protection spray too helps quite a lot actually.
On the days I don't hair dry, just a little Batiste 'Frizz Tamer' and maybe a little hairspray is enough to tame my curls :)

Mornings tend to bring out a little more of a grumpy side to me (sorry mum). Waking up early does not work for me and I am usually a little bitter before I get a cup of tea into me (hehe).
By "Stop and smell the flowers) I just generally mean anything that is going to get you out of that morning mood. Listening to some music, maybe a little meditation, anything that makes you a little calmer and gives you a moment to just sit down and calm yourself down a little. A good cup of tea seems to do that for me, for some reason, so it literally could be anything- maybe even literally stepping outside into your garden and smelling some flowers (hehe).


So there you go, that's everything I do in the morning.

What does your morning routine look like?

Lots of love,
Thea xo

Friday, 3 August 2018

Torn by Cat Clarke Review

Torn by Cat Clarke Review
Friday, 3 August 2018
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hello world,
(spoiler free x)
This year I've seemed to be thrown into a bit of a reading slump. (I know!) Reading slumps are so difficult to handle and just so incredibly annoying when all I want to be doing is reading piles and piles of books, but I lack the motivation to do so. My 2018 Goodreads challenge seems to be permanently reading "you are behind schedule" and the stack of un-read books on my shelf is not getting any smaller. In came this book.
Summer holidays means shopping trips and shopping trips mean me spending way too much money in Waterstones, even though I know I can get the same books way cheaper on Amazon. But this time, I restricted myself to buying just one book when I ventured into Waterstones - meaning I had to purchase a book that really stood out to me. This book seemed to just throw itself off of the shelf and into my basket.
Here's my review on Cat Clarke's "Torn" x

Like I said, I was immediately drawn to this book. The fact that it doesn't have a "real" blurb on it just intrigued me from the very beginning. Of course, if you buy this book from amazon, you will find a summary there, but in store, it gives you very little info. On the back it says:

I'm not stupid enough to think I can make up for what happened to her. But I've got to get back to who I am. Someone who does the right thing.

And on the front it simply states:
She wasn't supposed to die.

I feel like you can guess a lot of the story line and the ideas inside it from those few words, but from the moment I read that, to the time it took me to pay for the book, simply because it didn't have a blurb, I was already guessing and thinking all about the book - therefore making myself very very very excited to read it. And I wasn't disappointed in anyway possible.

The story begins, again, in a way that really fascinated me even more. I don't want to spoil anything (I'd really like to keep most of it as much a secret as possible so you have that similar mystery that I had when I first read it) so I won't give too many details, but we begin and the funeral of the character who has obviously died / been killed...

I just thought this was a really good choice of a place to start. I would have been so disappointed if it had started from the beginning and had gone from the start telling us exactly what happened to the girl that died. This may seem like a really obvious thing to do, as it gives you that slow unravelling feeling that all mystery readers crave, but you would be surprised with the amount of mystery books I've read that just start at the beginning and kind of tell you everything without the main character having to work for it. Nothing is worse that picking up a book that seems amazing, and then it being one of those.

With mystery novels I quite often find myself skipping and skim reading because I just get bored. I find that mystery novels are often JUST TOO SLOW, and the ones that are fast paced, just move way too quickly and drop massive bombs and then move on like it was nothing.
*cough* One Of Us Is Lying *cough*.
Books like "One of us is Lying" I just think are just the worst. It was good writing, nothing too wrong with it in that sense, it was just way too fast. It kept moving on so quick after anything big happened. I ended up skipping to the end around half way just because I thought it was that bad, and even then, the ending was so predictable, it was pretty much what I initially guessed after reading the first page.

Then, there's books like "13 Minutes". I thought this book could have been so incredible. It was such good writing, I kinda loved the way it was done, yet I still skipped to the end about half way through. Of course, I didn't understand the end since I didn't read half of it, so ended up googling the plot line. Why?

It was just too slow.
Around half way I had my suspicions on who "dunnit", but as soon as I felt myself feeling that boredom, they didn't do anything dramatic that reeled me back in. I feel like "Torn" had that.
There was a moment, again, around half way of "Torn" where I could just feel my patience slipping a little, waiting for the end, and at that exact moment I could feel myself turning to the final chapter, the writer added another "plot twist" - if you like. And that plot twist is what hooked me in, making this the first murder mystery (ish) book I've ever finished without flipping to the final page first.
Of course, the thing that kept me hooked was something kind of obvious. I mean, I had thought of it, but I also hoped it wouldn't happen, if you get what I mean?

I actually kind of love this book. It explores ideas of guilt and anxiety and grief and regret and basically everything that had the ability to just make my heart DROP over and over and over again. From the beginning, I was enjoying it, but I also expected it to be much less than it was. I was expecting it to be a bit more of a "teen drama" type thing than a proper good, hard hitting novel. This book was heartbreaking, utterly terrifying in times and so thought-provoking.

Near the beginning, I seriously hated the main character- Alice. She just seemed annoying and a little foolish, but it wasn't long until I realised that it was that exactly that made her such a believable character. Even though this is the type of book I don't usually feel myself relating to, Alice's character was so incredibly relatable I could feel myself wanting to cry in parts. It was just her guilt and regret and pure desperation to do the right thing which I think was so incredibly emotional.

There is an element of romance in this book, and I did really like that. Sometimes it annoys me when the mysterious side of the story is overshadowed by a romantic subplot, but the one in this just added complications and flare (?) to the plot.

As for the ending, I kind of loved it, yet kind of hated it. It was one of those that you know was done exactly right and all the characters were saying and doing the right things, in keeping with their personalities, but, it was also very frustrating. I don't think I would have wanted it any other way though.

Well that's my reading slump broken, and I don't think it'll be coming back anytime soon since I just bought almost every other Cat Clarke book I could find, and have already delved straight into one entitled "Entangled". What can I say? I thought this book was brilliant, and I found Clarke's style of writing so easy for me to practically inhale in one sitting :)

Have you read this book?
What would you rate it?

Lots of love,
Thea x

(don't wanna give it a 5 but it was still pretty great)

update : i just finished Entangled and it's even better than this one. i don't usually cry at books but i am currently balling my eyes out hehe :)

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Makeup Look : Bright Lip

Makeup Look : Bright Lip
Sunday, 29 July 2018
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Hello world,
Summer is here and I could not be more excited. It's time to say a buh-bye to all that red lipstick from winter and the subtle pink lipstick I seemed to wear all the way through Spring. 
Somehow the sunshine seems to bring out a different side to me - I always feel a little more confident and brave when it comes to clothes and makeup during the summer. I even have a pink leather jacket that comes out in the summer- and I wouldn't dream of wearing that in winter or autumn (but we'll talk about that jacket another time). For now, I want to walk you through a makeup look that is my absolute go-to for when it's a little warmer than usual. Enjoy x


The skin is probably my favourite part of makeup. I just love the way my skin looks once I've bronzed up and highlighted. I don't really know what it is, but there's something about making my skin look somewhat nice (and hiding my spots) that is actually a load of fun. 

I'll usually begin with my Rimmel "Wake Me Up" concealer. I find it so much easier to over do the concealer a little than to do foundation. Honestly, who has enough time to blend all of that?
Just a little concealer in my worst areas is generally enough to get rid of pretty much all of my spots, so why bother with the hassle of a foundation? I just find that it can be so heavy and usually leaves me with worse spots the next day, so I'll avoid wearing it at much as I can. 

For contour, my beloved Rimmel Kate Moss Contour Palette in Coral Glow, always does a good job. I generally don't use blusher because I always seem to go overboard when I do, so I usually try to stay away from it, and for this look I use a different highlighter, so I'll only use the brozer for this look. I don't think I have ever found a better contour palette than this one. The bronzer isn't too orange (a deal-breaker for me) and it's also not too shimmery. It does have a bit of a sparkle, but not enough to make it look like I just chucked a load of glitter on my face, which is perfect for a summers day. 

Gold highlighter is something that can be difficult to work with, so if it's not your thing, they stay away. But, I think my gold highlighter is one of my favourite products in my makeup collection. I use the I <3 Makeup "Goddess of Love" triple baked highlighter. This one is absolutely stunning and I honestly don't think summer would be the same without it in my life. I think a friend might have gifted it to me for Christmas a couple years ago- and so to that friend, I thank you. 


I always prefer to go for something a little simpler on the eyes, and so for this look I didn't actually use any eye shadow. My recommendation for a good palette would be the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, and you can read all about it in my review of the palette here : Peach Palette Review. (Shameless self promo hehe. But, seriously- it's an amazing palette.)
So, for mascara I went with my almost dried out (woopsie) Collection Lengthening Mascara on the bottom lashes and my brand new (and not dried out at all) Bourjois Push-Up Volume Waterproof mascara. This mascara is great for really dark and dramatic (and ever so slightly clumpy (in a good way)) lashes. I actually love this new addition to my makeup collection. 


Eyebrows are something I pretty much always to the same. Sure, I have different products for days where I just want to quickly chuck on something to make them look a little better, and products for days where I have a bit more time and want to fill 'em in properly, but they are the kinda thing you don't really change the style of.
For this look, I used my Collection Instant Brow Pomade in Blonde. It's really easy to apply with an angled brush, and it does a good job. What else do you really want from a brow product? Oooooh, and it's cheap too !!


And now, for the thing this post has been all about : the bright lip colour. I'm actually really picky about the lipsticks I buy. I don't like it when a lipstick rubs of within 10 second, when they aren't pigmented enough, and when they are hard to apply or the lipstick is too soft and it just snaps when I go to apply it (happened too many times). The lipstick I chose is the MUA luxe velvet lip lacquer in the shade "Hustle". This lipstick (technically it's a "lip lacquer" but who cares?) is so easy to apply (it comes with a lip gloss style applicator), it lasts for a pretty good amount of time, and dries really quickly to be a gorgeous velvety matte shade. It's so stunning and such a lovely colour for summer.
I believe this lipstick comes in a trio (at least it did when I bought it) with 2 other shades named "Halcyon" and "Reckless". "Reckless" is more of a dark red-ish shade and "Halcyon" is more of a softer pinky colour. Both are gorgeous, so if you can't find them in a trio, I would recommend buying them separately anyway x 


Well there you go - that's the makeup look I will be applying and reapplying over and over again throughout summer. 

-What do you think of this look?

Dress - New Look
Sunglasses - Primark

Lots of love,
Thea xox